Credit Karma Review

Everyone is aware how important it is to monitor their credit information on a consistent basis. There are many people that utilize a number of resources in order to effectively manage various aspects of their finances. Credit is a very important financial commodity that cannot be underestimated. Without it many people find that they cannot move forward in their lives. Everything from buying a house to obtaining employment can be based on a person’s current credit status. With this being the case, it is very important that people take the time to find ways to manage and review their current credit status. One way in which people can do this is through a website called Credit Karma.

Credit Karma Review

Credit Karma Review

Credit Karma is a website that is dedicated to providing individuals with a variety of different financial resources that will allow them to effectively manage their credit. This website provides consumers with a number of different credit resources that will allow them to take control of their finances. The best part about the services offered by Credit Karma is that they are totally free.

While there are many companies that provide credit information “free” by using free trials that eventually become fee based services on a monthly basis, Credit Karma is different in that the website offers such services at no cost to the consumer. So put your credit card away. Many people that are interested in obtaining information about their current financial status without having to pay fees will be interested in the services that Credit Karma has to offer.

In order for consumers to gain the most use from the Credit Karma website they will need to create a free user account. Creating the account allows the user to create an identity that can be easily accessed on future occasions. Likewise, the creation of an account also allows the website to access personal financial information in order to provide accurate credit information. It should be noted that individuals that use this website will be required to provide personal information such as a social security number, address, place of employment and other identifying information in order to confirm personal identity and to ensure that the financial information returned is correct for the specific individual using this website. Individuals that are concerned about their privacy should know that the Credit Karma website is protected by TrustE, VeriSign Secure and McAfee. Likewise, it is also an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau.

The layout of the website makes it very easy to navigate.  The upper right hand portion of the website allows the consumer to sign up for the website, log in to an existing account, find out more about how the website works, get answers to frequently asked questions and access the help feature of the website.

There are also a number of reviews from users that show the success that they have encountered in using the website to improve personal finances. Users can obtain their credit score, save money on a variety of services such as loans based on their credit report information and obtain a credit report grade to further understand where their finances are currently and to monitor their financial health over a period of time.

In all, Credit Karma is an excellent website that provides individuals with the opportunity to take control of their financial health with a variety of free financial resources. Get your free Credit Karma credit scores without a credit card.

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  1. I just was curious why the white folks on the game show on the credit Karma commercials always lose? On the first few commercials Maria lost but they changed it and now she always wins.

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