Free Transunion credit score with Credit Karma

Transunion is one of the 3 major credit reporting agencies that maintains credit files on millions of consumers in America. Transunion provides free credit reports throught the government’s free annual credit report site While you are there you can choose to pay $7.95 for your Transunion credit score. To save $7.95 you can go to Credit Karma and get your free Transunion credit score with no credit card needed. This is a 100% free offer with no hidden fees, no trial offers. Plus you can even get free daily credit monitoring. This alone is a $10 a month value.

Credit Karma also offers free credit score tools and analysis so you can see how you compare to your fellow Americans. You also get free debt management recommendations with potential savings on your credit cards, mortgage and auto loans.

Credit Karma Review

That is how Credit Karma is able to offer free Transunion credit scores. Advertisers pay to be featured on the site but you are under no obligation to signup for anything. They are also an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and safeguard your personal information.

You can check your credit score as often as you want and run credit score calculators to see what would happen if you open a new credit card, pay off a credit card or make a late payment. One of the cool tools is the credit report card that lets you know how a potential lender will view your file and what you can do to appear more creditworthy.

All these credit scores and tools are available absolutely free of charge. You can get started in the next 5 minutes. Visit

How to eliminate late payments on your credit report

You had an emergency and you forgot to send off your monthly credit card payment. Now you have a late payment on your credit report and you would like to eliminate it as you want to apply for a loan in the near future and don’t want to get denied or pay a high interest rate. Is there anything you can do?

How to eliminate late payments on your credit report? Is it possible?

Most credit card banks know that some people will be late once or twice a year. Most of the time if you have made all your payments on time that year they will agree to waive the late fee and not count the payment as late. This will help you be keeping you in the favorable APR interest rate category instead of putting you into the default category which usually has a 30% APR.

This can help you avoid getting a late payment reported to the three major credit bureaus in the first place. Because this is your best course of action. You want to avoid a late pay on your credit report as much as possible.

That negative information will remain in your credit report for at least 48 months.

And the more recent the late payment the more it will negatively affect your credit score which can hurt your chances of getting approved for a low rate loan or credit card.

You cannot dispute the late payment or get it removed because it was an actual late payment and it is accurate information. Usually creditors do not report late payments until they are at least 30 days late.

If you are within this time frame call up your creditor and make the payment and ask about their policy of reporting late payment info to the major credit bureaus.

Hopefully they will work with you and not report you.

The only way you can eliminate late payments on your credit report is with time. The longer you go without making a late payment the less of an impact one late bill will have on your credit scores. You can dispute the late pays and get them temporarily removed but once the credit bureau investigates and verifies that the late pay is accurate it will get placed back on your file.

Avoid paying your bills late as much as possible because payment history accounts for 35% of your FICO score. If you do happen to pay one bill late, do your best to make all your future payments on time. Setup automatic payments with your bank so you don’t forget in the future.